How to Be Ok With Sucking

No, I don’t mean to suck at the things you do. I’m talking about being ok with being bad at something when you first start out and remaining ok with being bad for however long it takes to not be bad. You see, in a world that offers us everything in next to no time it’s easy to get discouraged when we aren’t good at something new right away. For some, knowing it’s going to be a rough go at the start is what prevents them from even starting in the first place! If this is you think of all the wonderful things you could have or could be experiencing if you just started.

            Let’s just take a moment and look at human development. When you are born, you can hardly hold your own head up, puke on yourself, use your pants as a toilet, but over time this ceases to happen. Once you’re able to hold your heads up you start to crawl – no we don’t get to walk and run right away like other animals we have to learn things in steps – you see it’s always been right in front of us. To master something, you must go through every step. From a crawl you learn to walk just waiting for the day until you can run fast like the wind, until one day you are sprinting! From the start of our lives, we sucked at doing simple things but we kept trying, we kept going until we could do it. When you first embark on a new hobby, a new job, a new recipe, anything new really, you are not going to be all that good at it. But that’s ok! That’s part of the process! You cannot expect to be masters before being failures.

            So, how do we learn to be ok with sucking? It starts with perspective and perception. If we are focusing on being the best at the start, chances are, we’ll lose interest or motivation and never achieve greatness. Now, that’s not saying striving to be the best is a bad thing, but it can be if one can’t recognize they must first fail. If we are focusing on our mistakes and failures while doing something new then, again, we will lose focus or motivation. To avoid this, flip your perspective on the subject by recognizing and celebrating the progress that has been made thus far. Keeping your perspective on progress creates motivation and keeps the flames of determination lit. In terms of perception, you must change what you are looking at. This goes hand in hand with perspective as it’s a matter of switching your view of how far you have to go to master something to enjoying the journey to mastery. These are best achieved through honing in on your self-awareness. The more you switch your negative thought patterns of sucking to positive ones, such as seeing the progress, the less the negative thoughts will appear in the first place.

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