Advice and Tips On Remaining Focused In Achieving Your Goals

Building off of last weeks blog on how to be ok with sucking, if you haven’t read it yet click here, this week we are talking about finding peace in the journey. Finding peace with the journey starts with perspective. Setting goals are good but sometimes ambition can cause us to set goals that are incredibly large and daunting to achieve. There is nothing wrong with this with the right mindset. The problem arises when we are to focused on reaching that goal and not enjoying each step it takes to arrive. That brings me to the question, can a mountain be climbed with one step? As soon as you read that you probably thought, “no dummy, a mountain is huge, I’m no giant nor do I know any giants, so no a mountain can’t be climbed with one step”. And that, right there, is exactly my point! Of course a mountain cannot be climbed in one step. Just as reaching your goals cannot happen through one attempt or one step nor can steps be skipped!

See, think of your goals, whether they’re big or large, as the top of the mountain. When you are standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up it can be scary to think how far you have to climb. It can make you feel like you are not strong enough, not worthy, not good enough, to reach the top. It can make you question whether the view atop is worth the pain of the climb. You may think, “I really want to see the views up there but it’s so far away”. Well, the reality of it is standing at the bottom staring up to the top will never bring you to the top of the mountain to reap the joys of accomplishment. No, no, keeping your eyes fixated on the end will leave you discouraged and scared to move. This is what I mean when I say a mountain can’t be climbed in one step. Although a mountain cannot be climbed in one step, it will never be climbed if one step isn’t taken.

When working towards your goals don’t keep your focus on the outcome of that goal but rather on the step ahead of you. One step at a time. Once you complete that step focus on the next. Then the next. Then the next. Only looking up at the end goal every so often to make sure you’re still on the right course towards it, never maintaining that focus for long. Keeping your focus on something small, like the step ahead, creates a feeling of confidence, creates momentum into the next step. And before you know it, you’ve climbed that mountain, you’ve reached that goal. And you enjoyed every step of the journey to the top.


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